KeyZane Frequently Asked Questions

What is KeyZane about?

KeyZane creates the digital twin of everything, and augments them with intelligence and automation to enable resolution of real world complex problems during their life cycle.

Is KeyZane Smart Business designed for large enterprises only?

No, it covers businesses of all sizes including those in the informal sector.

Is KeyZane price list available?

KeyZane app will be downloaded free of charge. Additional services will be available at a fee. The price list will be released in early 2021.

Does KeyZane secure my data?

Yes Keyzane is a secure App. It complies with global data security standards.

Which device do I need to use KeyZane App?

KeyZane will be released for Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets.

How to cash in/out KeyZane Wallet, and How to make payment with KeyZane Pay?

KeyZane Wallet is cashed in/out through: Bank account , Credit/Debit Card, Cash deposit, Mobile Money
Payments via KeyZane Pay are done through: Wallet to Wallet transfers, KeyZane Marketplace, QR Code, USSD, NFC

Is KeyZane going to be multilingual?

Initial release is in English. French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages will follow in subsequent releases.

What is the release date of KeyZane App?

Early 2021


KeyZane, Inc.

Silicon Valley - California
3584 Kirkcaldy St.
Pleasanton, CA 94588
+1 415-735-6062

*Subject to implementation.